About me. Ok, who is Filippo?

As much as I'd like to be the one on the left, I'm actually the one on the right.

Glad you asked!

I am a User Experience and Product Design Leader passionate about growing talent and driving design vision.

Since 2006, my focus has been on solving users’ problems and innovating on their behalf. Through websites, mobile apps, and physical experiences, I built and supported products that integrate user benefits, customer needs, and business goals into a mutually valuable relationship.

In 2018, I decided to move from the front lines to Management. I’ve been leading design teams since.

In my current role at Zendesk (Senior Manager of Product Design), I lead a team of talented Product Designers. In my day-to-day, I also coordinate the work of Content Designers and UX Researchers.

Our team, called Growth and Monetization, aims to make the discovery, evaluation, purchase, and onboarding of Zendesk easy and successful. We take care of the users as they land on the website and make it easier for them to evaluate Zendesk through our 14-day Trial experience. After that, if we did a good job proving our product value, we’d funnel our trialists through a seamless (and painless!) purchase experience. Finally, for 90 days after buying our product, we help our brand-new customers be set up for success. And that’s all, folks! Yes, it’s quite the journey, but we are a strong (didn’t I mention talented?) team and do a great job. We are a fast-paced, high-output org.

An example: just in Q2 2022, we launched a new purchase experience that helped us realize an increase in ARR of 15%.

Where do I come in?

Performance management, process improvement, and product strategy are the main focus of my role.

I help my team work on the right projects, keep them on the ball and motivated, and support them in their professional growth (and professional well-being too). Since September of 2021, we have had 0 attrition on my team.

The result? Well, I just went over it above.

I was born and raised in the green hills of Piacenza, near Milan, Italy’s design capital, and that’s where I nurtured and grew my innate ability to create impactful work.

When I am not working, you’ll find me listening to John Dowland, practicing Muay Thai or painting 3d printed miniatures (similar to the one in the big photo above, but much, much smaller).